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The core purpose of The Institute is to improve the academic and personal well-being of boys and girls through research and application.

RICA Leadership


Chair of the Board

Vice-Chair of the Knox Grammar School Ethics Committee

Registered Psychologist


Education leadership & management
Interdisciplinary research
Implementation & audit science
Mental disorders & trauma
Child & adolescent psychology

Amanda is a registered psychologist with extensive experience in the education and research settings. She is the Chair of the RICA Board and the Executive and Clinical Director. Amanda has a Master's Degree in Education Leadership and Management (magna cum laude) and serves as the Vice-Chair of the Knox Grammar School Ethics Committee. Amanda’s research interests include the development and evaluation of evidence-based programs utilising multi-modal delivery systems, education leadership and management, implementation and audit science, and authoring policy. In her role leading the Institute, Amanda is responsible for strategic planning and coordinates numerous multi-disciplinary research teams and works directly with national and international research partners to conduct and publish research with a focus on positive practical impact on the lives of girls and boys in Australia and beyond.


The Research Institute Board Structure

Chaired by Amanda Pooley, the Advisory Board consists of invited distinguished international and Australian professors and practicing academics specialising in areas of significance in relation to academic and personal wellbeing for boys and girls.

Current seated Board members include:

  • Head of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford
  • Head of Research at the University of Cambridge
  • Associate Professor of Applied Psychology at NYU
  • Director of the Matilda Centre, the University of Sydney
  • Director of the CADE Clinic, Royal North Shore Hospital

Affiliates and Collaborators